23 May – 15 June 2017
National Gallery of Indonesia


Mutual Project refers to an experimental exhibition format where participating agents : curators, artists, and audiences, are intertwined to foster new encounters and learn more about each other from each other, instead of presenting a definitive thesis. The project aims to be an arena to generate networks of Southeast Asian younger art practitioners through interaction and collaboration. It is facilitated by Southeast Asian young curators who have been gathered by the Goethe Institute in 2015-2017. The Mutual Project is derived from “Mutual Unknown” – a term proposed by the Southeast Asia curator’s lab members to refer to the fact that we have still yet to learn properly about each other. We still have a journey to go in terms of understanding each other’s context and finding ways to move forward together. Moving forward with this concern, the project aims to facilitate shared questions on the regionality of Southeast Asia : do we have a ‘shared regional thinking’?



How could an exhibition and related art activities create possibilities among sporadic networks and varied interests? How could an exhibition present an ongoing process of creating and working through differences? Situated in National Gallery of Indonesia the exhibition will simulate a decentralized form of art exhibition where individual voices turns into a shared authority that an exhibition and it’s collaborating artist will function as a structure that facilitate interaction, discussion and art creation. Exhibition will be generated from a set of intensive journey, discussion, research trip and production that take place in Indonesia from May – June 2017 done by participating artist and curators.

The ‘production’ will be started by collective journey, followed by a research trip of participating artist and continued by artwork production at gallery space. Program Structure In the course of 6 weeks (May – June 2017), the project will run in three parts. It will start with an initiation gathering, seminar, lectures and workshop in Bandung from 10 to 16 May, 2017 The second part is a self-conduct research trip or collaboration with art initiatives based on their preferences in Indonesia from May 17 – 22, 2017, The last part will be pre-production process exhibition for public which will be held at National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta


Week 1 Workshop and Conceptual Frameworks Introduction with curators
Week 2 Self-Conduct Research Trip
Week 3 Production Preparation
Week 4 – 5 Installation and Open Studio Exhibition
Week 6 Dismantle

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