Azam Aris (b. 1983)

Azam was born on December 15, 1983, in Taiping, Malaysia. He received his bachelor’s degree from Mara University of Technology

in ShahAlam, where he studied fine art. He is currently working and live in KualaLumpur, which 3 hour drive from his hometown. Azam is a multi- discipline artist, he always produce artwork at difference medium and approach. Hail from north Malaysia, which he live in small fisherman village and surround by mangrove trees, his childhood is full of suburb experience. After graduated from art school he was selected by HOM Art Trans to be part as young artistresidency program, which it took 6 months to end up as his first solo exhibition. He had awarded by several local art competition, Azam also active in joining local and international residency program which promoted by private institution and art gallery. His body of work is like searching for a new perception, to define who we are and trying to engage with region neighborhood.


2005–2007   Bachelor in Fine Art (hons.), UiTM Shah Alam.

2004–2005   Skim Latihan Graduan, PESDC, Tronoh Perak

                         MMU Cyberjaya, 7 Month Training in Video.

2001–2004   Diploma in Fine Art, UiTM Sri Iskandar.

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รูป ตอนรีเสิช พร้อมคำอธิบาย

รูป ตอนรีเสิช พร้อมคำอธิบาย

รูป ตอนรีเสิช พร้อมคำอธิบาย

รูป ตอนรีเสิช พร้อมคำอธิบาย

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