Kaung Myat Thu ( Myanmar)

Kaung Myat Thu creations mainly exist in being himself and connecting to the environment he wanted to be in, the future he hopes for and the situations of the country he is living in. He does not want to create art under the influence of ‘politic’ but instead the mother nature, education and living conditions given to him by his country. His sensational point of view innocently and frankly presents a base or what he senses. He is strongly interested in his own communication and translation to himself when the action comes to him and how he reacts to this. He uses the materials in his environment as interpretations of his dialogues to himself. He puts effort in interpreting his inner dialogues and finding if he can speak to all living things on the earth by art.

Art Education
2015:  8thNew Zero Art Class @ New Zero Art Space, Yangon, Myanmar
2016:  Approach to Performance and Conceptual Art: Workshop led by
Artist Aye Ko@ New Zero Art Space, Yangon, Myanma

บรรยายการเวิร์คช็อป ภาพรวม ของศิลปิน

Artist ” Kwang ” present his past works and ideas to curators and other artists.

Artist ” Kaung ”  teach his native language ( Myanma Bhasa ) to curators and other artists

Artist ” Kaung ” explain his proposal idea to curators and other artists

research plan


text เกี่ยวกับงานที่กำลังพัฒนา

Artist ” Kaung ” build his stage for perform

Audience react to his artwork

Audience make his artwork as their stage

Artist ” Kaung ” talk to audience

Artist ” Kaung ” explain his idea to audience

text สรุปงาน หรือสรุปประเด็น จากศิลปินและคิวเรเตอร์

ไฟล์หนังสือจาก แฟ้มใสของศิลปิน ลงไปใน issue